Privacy Policy

We prioritize data security on We ensure the protection of users’ data security. We neither transfer your details to anyone nor use it except for the purpose that serves.

We use your personal details to facilitate communication with you regarding the services we provide, and that too complying with the data protection regulations. We allow you to have an account with Fivebucksdeals, access it, manage the personal details that you upload to the account, and manage the deals that you post. There is reason for security breach.

When you are allowed to use Fivebucksdeals personally, you are obliged to keep your personal data which you enter upon registering, open to us till you are using our services:




Paypal username

Payout details


By registering with, and agreeing to the terms of service, you consent to your personal details being stored as well as used by us in order to provide you with our services.   

If your user account on is banned or deleted for some or the other reason, or if your link with is terminated, we make sure that your personal data that you have shared with us is deleted along with your account.

If you withdraw from or require our services no longer, you can do the same at any time. We will delete your personal data from the record once your withdrawal application is approved.  

Minimum withdrawl amount $8 .

Use of cookies is required to avail some of the services offered by A small amount of data that the browser you use stores on your computer is referred to as cookies. Cookies are integrated to many browsers by default. The browsers are adjustable to store or reject cookies.  If you set your browser to reject the cookies, all the functions of may not be available to you.

You reserve the right to edit the settings of your account on and view or correct or delete the personal data you have entered.Please note that you cannot use our services anonymously. This way you ensure adhering to our terms of service.   

Note: For Indian Resident user , there withdrawal request of funds will not be sent via Paypal, as per paypal guidelines we cannot transfer the funds of same country resident via paypal.

Therefore there funds will be transfer via Bank Transfer to there respective account. Following details will be required for the same.
1. Account Number
2. Account Holder Name
3. IFSC Code 
4. Bank Name & Address.

Your funds will be initiated as soon as we get the withdrawal request, you will get Email from us to get details. Your details will not be disclosed to anyone and not being used in any other use.